Alberto Camerini

Alberto Camerini was born in San Paolo, Brazil. He is a singer-songwriter and guitarist, and is, after due consideration, considered the harlequin of Italian rock thanks to the gestures that characterise his live performances and for the citations made in one of his most successful songs. In 1980, he recorded the album "Alberto Camerini"; the lead track, "Skatenati", is inspired by the ska and is followed by songs like "Serenella", which received great response from audiences and critics. However, 1981 is the year of the massive explosion of "Rock'n'roll robot". It is the single that will pave the way for Camerini in the top spot, from here originates the Electronic Harleqiun image, glamorous makeup, gold album sales, television appearances and tours. This is all followed by hundreds of television appearances, Festivalbar, Vota la voce, Happy Circus, Popcorn, and La Vela d'Oro at the Sanremo Festival. His success continued the following year with the album "Rockmantico", which was at the top ten of the sales chart and from which the single "Tanz bambolina" is taken. In 2005, together with Skidsoplastix, he published the album “Kids Wanna Rock” that is rich with an American punk sound. Currently Camerini studies classical music with a great interest for Italian Baroque composers, and he also studies violin, an instrument that he plays during his live concerts.

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