Bruce Ketta

Bruce Ketta, originally Matteo Iuliani, was born in Milan from parents who were originally from Puglia. He is a great theatrical improviser and spotlights as a comedy actor, making his debut at the Ciack in Milan, in "Poche spose per troppi fratelli" with Enrico Beruschi. In 2004 he won the "National Cabaret Festival” in Agrate Brianza and debuted subsequently at the Zelig laboratory in Milan. In 2005, he was successful again and won the “Città del Riso” award in Vercelli that opened the doors to television with "Bravo Grazie" on Rai 2”. Once again, in 2005, he was much appreciated in the “Zelig Off” television programme on Canale 5. Bruce Ketta has become known to the general public for his character the "Postman from Puglia" written while remembering his previous work experience at the Post Office.

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