Giovanni Muciaccia

Giovanni Muciaccia was born in Foggia and went to the Mario Riva Academy and the Dramatic Arts Academy in Calabria. He played the works of Pirandello, Eschilo, Brecht and Euripide in theatres. He made his television debut in 1992 with “Disney Club” and conducted “La banda dello Zecchino” (1991-2001). In 1998 he became the television conductor of "Art Attack", one of the Disney Channel's flagship programs that acquires such a reputation to be also broadcast on Rai 2. He took part in the 2007 edition of "Ballando con le stelle". In 2010 he conducted "Freestyle", on Sky’s Dea Kids 601. In 2014, together with Lorella Cuccarini, Marco Columbro and Mario Biondi he took part in the "Trenta ore per la vita" cruise. In April 2015, he became head of the “X Makers”, a group of inventors who make new technological prototypes aired on Dea Kids; for the first time, this programme speaks about technological literacy for children in a global television format.

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