Marco Ferradini

Marco Ferradini officially debuted as a singer at the Sanremo Festival in 1978, with the song “Quando Teresa verrà”. However, his meeting with Herbert Pagani was significant, and together they created the mini album “Schiavo senza catene” (1981), which contains the famous “Teorema”, a song that to date is one of the most popular of all time and used by Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo as a soundtrack of their movie “Chiedimi se sono felice” (2000). In 1983, Marco participated at the Sanremo Festival again with “Una catastrofe bionda” that was followed by “Lupo solitario dj”, a cult song for all Italian radios. In 1985, he recorded the album “Misteri della vita” and in 1991 “E’ bello avere un amico”. He came out with a new work in 1995, “Dolce piccolo mio fiore”, with meagre arrangements and a return to the simple and direct style of the beginning of his career. In 1998, he came out with the singles “Aria” and “Sul ponte di Messina” and a new album in 2001 “Geometrie del cuore”, which was followed in 2005 by “Filo rosso”. “La mia generazione” (2012) is a tribute album for his friend and writing partner, Herbert Pagani, and is full of vocal collaborations with prestigious names such as Alberto Fortis, Eugenio Finardi, Shel Shapiro, Caroline Pagani, Syria, Federico l’Olandese Volante, Lucio Fabbri and Andrea Mirò. His live performances, both solo and with his group, always remained constant over the years.

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