Neja was born in Torino on August 15th, but is originally from Lazio; she has had a passion for music since she was young, and started playing the piano when she was six and then started signing school, when she was fifteen she joined jazz and gospel groups. In 1996 her first single, “Hello”, was launched. The song belongs to the dance genre, which marked a sharp change in her style. The video clips for the songs “Shock!” and “Restless” were released in 1998 and climb to the top of the "Dance Floor Chart" on MTV Italy. “The Game” (1999) confirmed Neja as an international artist after she won “Un disco per l’estate” and thanks to her presence of each lag of the Festival Bar. After having successfully experimented with other musical styles such as rock, electronic and R & B, in 2009, she returned to dance music with the song “Sorry”, which ranked the top 20 in the United Kingdom. She has obtained extraordinary results in her decades-long career: more than four million copies sold throughout the world, eight successful albums, twenty singles at the top of world charts and seventeen international tours (India, Japan, USA, Greece, England, France, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and Italy). Neja, now consecrated as Queen of the Night by music critics, is focusing on new productions and extraordinary Acoustic Dance and projects, in collaboration with DJs and musicians of international calibre, to continue to surprise us with her unique and eclectic personality.

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