Righeira, Johnson and Michael from Torino, meet the brothers Carmelo and Michelangelo La Bionda and latter produced "Vamos a la playa"; in 1983, this was a galactic Italian success (seven weeks in first place of the hit parade, theme song and winner of the Festival special prize as well as winner of the Telegatto as band in 1983) and international success (the song topped the charts in almost all of Europe and South America). In 1983 they made their first album, "Righeira", in 1984 the new single "No tengo dinero" confirms their great popularity and in 1985 they won the Disco per l'Estate and Festivalbar with "L'estate sta finendo", the single Italian top seller of the year. In February 1986, Righeira participated in the Sanremo festival with "Innamoratissimo", which reached seventh place in the sales chart; the single is followed by the album “Bambini forever”. The activity of Righeira continues through live performances, television appearances, especially abroad and collaborations in various musical projects. The official return of Righeira on the Italian music scene dates back to January 2007; in fact, in 2007 they came out with the new single "La musica electronica", sung in Spanish, which is a prelude to the publication of an album composed entirely of unreleased songs: “Mondovisione”.

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