Alessandro Vergendo

Alessandro Vergendo was born in Latisana in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. From the extraordinary practice of freediving comes the need to research the development and expression of extraordinary human resources and to discover the deepest meaning of the intimate human relationship. Thanks to this, when he completed training in the medical and healthcare, he enrolled in the S.I.Co Counselling School and thanks to his specific relational skills he acquired the qualification of Sport, Business and Private Sports Counsellor. Since 2013 he is the regional contact person for S.I.Co (Italian Counselling Company). Contract professor at the University of Udine (2006-2012), he joined the team and directors of the most important international freediving academy founded by Umberto Pelizzari and from 2005 to 2015 he was president of the Freediving Academy Competition. Along with Rosarita Gagliardi, he founded on an innovative method of mental preparation known as "Deep Inside". He is also the author of a book with the same name. He trains several Olympic athletes and teams holding national and world records from different disciplines. He collaborates with the European Committee of Individual and Team Counselling/Coaching for executives and managers. Over the years he has intervened several times in the formation of special government sectors. Active in the creation of school projects as "Rights of the Sea", he collaborates with the World University and Research Institute. He is actively involved in several scientific research and experiments such as Extreme-Ice and the physiological and neurophysiological changes in extreme sports and hypothermia.

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